In 1984 , CIDERON set up the first private enterprise in rubber thread industry ---Dianbai town Rubber Product Factory.
                                                                          In 1996 ,CIDERON, as one invited investment enterprise by Maoming government, acquired one of the state-owned enterprise and set up the second factory---Maoming Rubber Product Co. Ltd. At the same time, we have brought in advanced equipments from Japan & German in order to establish matured rubber elastic material production line.
                                                                          In 2003 ,CIDERON set up Maoming Kangda Hygiene Materials Co., Ltd. We are the pioneer of manufacturing Latex-free rubber products in China.
                                                                          In 2006 ,CIDERON, as the key invited investment enterprise by Jiangmen government, set up the fourth factory---Guangdong CIDERON Industry Co., Ltd. This factory has occupied an area of 75,000 ㎡. Till then our daily production capacity reached to 200 tons
                                                                          In 2016 , CIDERON achieving cooperation with Chongqing government, established the fifth factory---Chongqing CIDERON Science and Technology Co. Ltd. This factory owns international first class plant covering an area of 120,000 ㎡. Our annual production capacity can reach to 180,000 tons when the factory goes into operation in 2018.
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